Transformer ,1993 edition of 30 lithographs and watercolora on Rives BFK


Over the years, James Meyer has worked on hundred of prints for other artists. This includes bringing these prints to B.A.T. (bon-a-tirer, OK to print condition.)  The B.A.T process includes making sure that the artist properly develops the plates, chooses the paper, and the color(s) of the ink(s) to create the best image.  Working with a printer is a collaboration of knowledge: the experience of the printer and the artist working together.  Meyer has worked with printers Maurice Payne, James Reed, and Lorrain Salcedo Watson to name a few. His experiences with them have 

given Meyer a unique background from which to create prints from his collection of etchings, lithographs, laser cut-outs and archival ink jet prints.  They show why his ability to translate his subjects into editions are so successful and interesting.