daily life : and reading other artists posts , artists show tell critics what they think

I read another artists post ,she was very funny , I think I am writing to seriously and giving people the impression that Im very serious , which I am ,but also not very serious ,when you have so many things happen to you that are out of your control, at a certain point really not that much bothers you anymore, can you eat, do you have a roof over your head, then everything else is gravy . I am going to start doing some things that I had hoped to do review shows from the comfort of my home , alot of times when you pester galleries or critics to come to your studio it is horribly difficult as they have a path they go on, every month every week , and if you try and take them off the path then they start resisting you , I had a show up on 57st I thought that was great , how ever people had stopped going to 57st as a path , so I became a kind of car sales man trying to get people to come to the show , ------- nothing I finally was going to have lunch with a art critic so I thought great he is having lunch with me and then we will go see my show together , as we were having lunch he was complaining about being a critic and a professor and then it slowly dawned on me , he is not going to see my show, he had just come form a class ,he had a article to write and he was on his way to china after lunch, no he wouldnt be able to see the show, shit this was my only chance after my show was up for a month ,I got one critic to talk to me and he was on his way to the airport, so I just blurted it out ,- would he have time to see my show , what Im going out to lunch with you and you think that because your buying me lunch I would go to see your show, " how presumptuous!" yes it was but what do critic think people want , I offered to drive him to my show wait and bring him to the airport, he said yes as it meant he didnt have to get a cab, weeks after the show ended I waited to see if he would write something - and it never appeared , he wrote about other critics shows , shows that were in big galleries that other people would also write about, so that you would have a show at MOMA and there would be 5 or 6 reviews of it Zzzzz . alot of times Artists are nice to critics because they think that they dont want to make them upset because then they wont write about them, the truth is that they will never any way so you might as well express your opinion

Artists should be themselves and express their opinion as critics , dont really pay attention to anything but themselves ,and they need artists to be less afraid of them , . well my attempt at being funny didnt work I became serious again , but I guess I want artists to trust their own ideas and chalenge critics and galleries more on what they thing