artists should speak up for themselves part 2

when most artists work in their studio on paintings or water colors they dont think of critics, art galleries or collectors , but when confronted with them out side the studio they are very sheepish or feel like they have to cow-towe to what ever the critic ( I say critic but I mean critic, curator, collector) several years ago I read an article by Nancy Princinthal she was writing about artists in the 1950-70s saying that they would confront critics about their opinion and or writing, and that artists now a days dont , they let critics un ruff-shodd over them ,I wrote to her explaining that artists now are concerned with the power that the critics hold over them stopping them from speaking up. but in reality the critics pay no real attention to arts or weather they dont criticize them . I have seen it over and over again critics being blow hards and artists standing by agreeing trying not to often the critic, this is a fools game as the artist has no intention of helping most artists, So in reality the artist has nothing to loose by speaking up . we had a back and forth for a little while but most critics write now on the internet with out comment or real way of commenting to them.

many years ago I was in a gallery , after a meeting with the dealer about a show I was having later in the year, we walked out on the side walk when the dealer said to me I have to walk to this restaurant , this artist is showing me a birthday party thinking I will show her... I asked well are you ? and she of course not ! .I was horrified that the art dealer would accept this big party from this artist with the unspoken intention of showing her. it is this unspoken intention that gets artists in trouble , they are always hopefull that their work will be shown , it gets them in to bad agreements with galleries, over extended by throwing favors to dealers, not speaking up when confronted by blow hard critics, Artists talk about themselves alot they are always talking about what they are working on ,so its hard to tell them not to talk or be themselves but , in the end they should stand up and be them selves always, I have been guilty of this too , and I have decided that it has not served me well