arbitrary and subjective

Arbitrary and subjective

so the other day I was working on exhibition with someone as a helper ,not really any official role and the judges came in to see the exhibition so that they could pick a winner and second and third place. when they came in they really asked us like what are you interested in as far as artwork . The people running the exhibition really didn’t have an idea they said like well that’s what we got you for so you guys pick something. so the judges spoke amongst themselves and they really had quite different ideas one was a art dealer and the other an artist.  so they fed off each other and didn’t really have an idea about what what they want it as judges occasionally they would pick something that the other judge had no interest in and so they would have to say like look if you want this you’re going to have to tell me why you want it what is good about this cause I don’t see it.

and so this made me realize is that when you’re an exhibition when you’re submitting a proposal  some kind of grant or as in this case a juried exhibition .that the decision  making process is very arbitrary,  that it might be the judge had a bad day, that if they looked at everything the next day they would come up with a completely different set of selections . it might be that tomorrow if they came in tomorrow they would’ve picked you.

everything is so subjective an arbitrary that it’s amazing that anything happens to me when you’re when we were doing an artgarage benefit.  we pick people they came they showed up I don’t think we ever said no to anybody but we had made our decisions and the end of it a  friend  approached us and said look you know a friend of mine is an artist, he was really easy upset that you guys didn’t ask him again.

We explained that we just compiled names and didn't leave him out on purpose so we included hi but we said that we had just got as many artists that we needed and stopped for no real reason . participate we just didn’t work off the list we just picked new people all the time so we include but are not good and was completely stood an oversight and when we talk to him he really thought that we had made some decisions against him not to include him just wasn’t the case

So now when I have my problem is that I have him our people is it there they having a bad day with a pick me and if my proposal came in yesterday or they were never gonna pick me because of this guy has too many problems and its just easier to pick an artist that doesn't have problems . or is their friend  fault in it or where we want to show solidarity with the other people against him but the case against him so you don’t know what why you’re not being picked. after the judging we asked them about the process and they admitted that it was very arbitrary and that had they come in another day it would have been a different set of selections , and that because of this arbitrary aspect , artists should apply no less than three times to each grant, gallery, exhbtions and not project