Prison Diary second

After I had tried to sleep thru the night I woke up and went to Breakfast Breakfast was at 6:30-6:45am it was either grits,oatmeal,cold cereal , with some kind of muffin or roll , and coffee all meals were to be eaten in 15min we were supposed to have a 1/2 hour but that was never followed ,I didn't know anything after I went to Breakfast I went to my bunk and sat, I thought of a few questions to ask the unit counselor , I wanted some art supplies ,I wanted to teach a art class ,I wanted a job, when I had asked to go to camp I was interested in the dog program but you had to be in prison for 6 months first and then have at least 18months after that, since I had 18 months this ruled that out as they could keep me for the minimum time if I entered the dog program . which would mean I would be in 6 months longer, The unit counselor was know to be reasonable ,I also had a meeting with my team leader, (a Team leader is a counselor who helps you keep track of your record and make arrangements for you to go back home, 

counselor ,MR P had a open door policy if his door was open you could knock and ask him questions , I went after breakfast and knocked , he said I would have to ask the rec counselor for information about art supplies , when I was in there Dr Brooks showed up again and was harassing us as we talked , like a little devil in the conversation he kept telling mr P to let me redo the murals that I was an artist and it would keep me busy, mMr P wrote it down on a pice of paper and told Dr Brooks to get lost. occasionally Dr Brooks would have to prove he was treating someone so he would randomly run up in to guys and ask them their number, write it down and ask them if they wanted to kill them selves, his goal was to get 5 names and then leave, Every counselor is separate and the guards , the unit manager the rec education counselor are all separate and they don't talk to each other, so if one make a rule that runs over someone else's , they just keep both. so certain things like the class room have 3 schedules , religion ,education , rec all using the same space , and they keep all 3 schedules , so most of the time 3 different things are scheduled , in the same space since this is impossible the inmate instructors work out the real schedule ,this takes weeks of negotiation . this took me 6 months to figure out .as I kept looking at the schedules printed on the wall and nothing would be there or something completely different would be there so often , when asking a question the answer would be why don't you ask one of the other inmates. 

I went to my team meeting and had a bunch of questions for my team leader, she was mainly concerned and rightly so that my paper work get transferred to my home state, after we got that out of the way she told me stay out of trouble dont get any shots or she would throw my paper work in the garbage and she wasn't going to do it over . (shots are violations listed from 1-5 1 being the worst ,killing someone or smuggling drugs into the prison, 5 being sneaking food back tot he bunks, each # has 10 violations with it , 1.01 1.02 etc. most of the time for a 4 or5 series shot the guard would make you do extra work or push ups in front of everyone  as the paper work was a headache.) I asked my team leader if she could tell me how to get art supplies she said no, after along silence I asked her if she could tell me who I could ask and she said the rec counselor - she said her office was down the hall,, I went to the rec office and knocked after a while someone waved me in , I said I was looking for the rec counselor and she said she wasn't the rec counselor I asked her if she could tell me when the rec counselor would be in and she said no. I asked her a few questions about art supplies and she said to ask the rec counselor and she sent me out. I asked my friend and he told me what car the rec counselor drove and what her license plate was, I said do you know what car every one drives and he said yes and you will too if you want to talk to them, their schedules are erratic and they dont have a schedule that you can follow after a week I finally got in front of the rec counselor , she asked me my # and got me on the screen this was often the first thing counselors or guards would ask you as other would leave notes about you, I asked her about the art supplies and she looked me up and well you havent taken a BOP approved art course so I couldn't order art supplies , I explained I was a artist and had worked in the field for 30 years and she said I still had to take a course, I mentioned on my way out that I wanted to teach a art class and she well you can teach a rt course "but no paint .no Paint in camp" just drawing .I said i would love to teach a drawing class I had a outline for a drawing class I had been working on she said she didnt care what I taught them , but while I was teaching the class I should enroll my self so I could order art supplies . she said she wouldn't recommend starting it until fall as the guys stayed outside as long as possible and they wouldnt show up . unless it was cold outside .I took this advise and would start my class in sept.