the first day

so after a few days in the SHU I was pushed out into the parking lot at the admin building ,I meet a inmate who had a job as a driver , the inmates at the camp ran the prison we had various jobs form repairing plumbing heating air conditioning to nothing "feather bedding , a term that means there is really no work but you have a lot of guys doing the same job mopping the floor ,dusting, alot of white collar guys saw working beneath them so they would pay others to do their job, they would have $20/ a week sent into your commissary account. "

I got dropped off at the second place ,my family had dropped me off the little grade school ,I was told to go in and talk to the guard on duty and he would tell me where to go I had my glasses and my list of contacts my friend's address on the outside phone #s for my lawyers that held tight in my hand, I we inside and guys were walking all over the place back and forth , I turned left to the guard and knocked on the door after be pushed and prodded by the SHU guards I was scared and reluctant to talk, he told me to go thru the door that says "out of Bounds" and that was the first and only time I would be able to walk thru that door, if I was caught going thru the door again it would be a shot, I went thru the door and our unit counselor was at the first door, we spoke he had my file I shock his hand and he said that he would shake my hand but that was the last time that guards didn't shake inmates hands ,safety germs.... he was very nice and set up my visitor list so my wife and kids could visit that weekend I was very lucky in my timing as some guys got to the SHU in self surrender and waited weeks months to go to camp . I had nothing still I hadnt shaved brushed my teeth changed my clothes ,I had slippers and ill fitting clothes that siad R&D on the name tag these were decommissioned clothes by someone who had gone home.I was bunk 1A , the worst noisest bunk in the camp , the light never went off it was right by the card tables and guys played cards and chess all night the night guard would pick on you becasue you were the first person that he saw when he came in . as I was getting the rules form the unit counselor the hamburglar came in and started talking over the counselor, he ignored him and just kept talking I could hear him but the psychologist didn't care he just kept talking about my case and how the camp should get me to redo the murals in the waiting room. he would bother people and push them all the time ,Dr Brooks he was quite crazy and everyone even the guards didn't take him seriously the problem was with us he could get you locked up so we all stayed away from him . I was told that the mayor pete who was an ex mayor would give me a bed role and show me where my bed was, I walked down the hallway and I saw my bunk right in front 1upper 1 A , I meet my bunkie who never left the bunk, he stayed there all the time unless he was playing cards at night but all day he stayed in his bunk , he looked like mike tyson but he was very nice , he told me what to do who to listen to , always ask him first , if I had any questions don't trust anyone , I my clothes would come for a few days so I was just going to have to wear what I had , he found someone to give me a pair of short pants as it was july and 90 degrees .I wanted to draw but I dint have any paper art supplies pencil , I had just showed up at lunch time so I went into the lunchroom I had run into someone else who would help me a lawyer named craig, I just happened to talk to him and he told me to sit, next to him that there were 130 guys and only 75 seats in the lunchroom to get a seat and keep it defend it kick anyone out who sat in it because come winter I would want it, he lent me a pair of sneakers that were size 13 way to big but they weren't the boots that I had been given , or the slippers I layed down on my bunk after lunch and just stayed there as I was scared to walk around to much , my bunkie got me some copy paper but still no pen or pencil , the cmap system was developed in the 1970s for white collar guys they didn't fit into prison, in the beginning the Feds got any building they could get their hands on old schools hospitals , the buidling were what ever they were the rec building to a golf course , the building was never meant to have poelpe live in it year round , some places had gyms or auditoriums , we did have a track that was godsend , in the 1980 the camps were a joke , guys would leave, hookers would come in, guards didnt care, then they had inmates from prison get their point low engouh to come to camp so if you were in prison for 15 years and you got your pionts low enough you could come to camp your pionts had to be 10 or belwo to get into camp and you had to have less than 8 years , anyone with more than 8 years had to go to prison , my bunkie had 9 years in of a 13 year sentecne he had worked his way intot he camp, my pionts were 1 , my papers said capacity for criminal activity ,none , my buknie told me I was to nice to open that my kindness was percived as weakness that I had to be careful , that I didnt get taken advantage of, the first night I stuggled to stay away until lights out, we had to get counted at different times we had resting counts and standing counts our counts were 5am(resting) 8:40am (resting) 12:40 (resting) 4pm (standing) 10pm (standing) 12 am (resting ) 3am(resting)  there ws a blue flashing light in every room when it was on you were being counted and you had to stay in your bunk area some guards would leave the flashing light on all night so they could always call you out of bounds and try and get you sent to the SHU , the guardds goal was to send as many inmates to the SHU as Possible , if they caught one of us doing some thing or with somehting they would get promoted , so they weer always looking, the first night the guys played cards until 3am the light never went out I stuffed toliet paper in my ears and wrapped a touwle around my head I eventually got to sleep