art class in prison

I first wrote a very detailed lesson plan and my rec counselor ,told me she didn't care what I taught them ,I then decided to use drawing from the right side of the brain as a base for the course , my course was listed on the bulletin board ,unlike the other classes you could take health/fitness , smart money , my classes happened , some of the other teachers just marked everyone attended and never had the classes, the guys were bored and needed to fill their time so they wanted the classes, our camp did not have lot of facilities some camps were boarding schools or hospitals before they were prisons so they had tennis courts or class rooms ours was a rec building to a golf course so ,it was never meant to be lived in and it was certainly never meant for 130 guys to live in , I was given the runaround on where to have the class room , so I choose the rec trailer ,it was a double wide that had lots of other things in it, the first class I had set up the tables to so everyone one could concentrate . I need #2 pencils and copy paper that was the extent of what was needed for most of the course, things like mat frame ,plastic sheets were not so easy to get, if you reused anyhitng for its non intended purpose it was considered contraband and you would get a shot .so if I took a cardboard box and cut a frame out of it so the guys could understand where to stop drawing the scene -that was considered contraband , if I had sheets of plastic that was contraband ,if I had the fake flowers from the church that was contraband so I would collect these things and every once and a while they would get thrown out, and I would have to start over again. eventually SIS (internal affairs found a cell phone in the trailer , (guys would sneak cell phones in to the prison to call home make bets some of the hedge funds guys would use the cell phones to keep working ,while your in federal prison you cant continue to run your business , say me Im an artist I couldn't talk about or work on my exhibition or selling my art work while I was in prison even though they would make more money to pay the government back, kafkaesque aspect of prison. some guys just ran out of minutes and wanted to talk on the phone you would get 10 min a day to call out.) So SIS closed the trailer the trailer would be closed for 6 months while they did their investigation alot of times it was done just because ,they wanted to punish us more.not because it actually took that long . then I spent the next week trying to find another place to have the classes and I was really becoming stressed out, I would set up a class area and then it would be taken away and I would have to find another one. I decided that it was to much stress and if the class was open then we would have it otherwise not. I finally got the class room, and that lasted until some idiots snuck outside and the class room was shut for 6months that meant that the guys who had GED had no class, the guys who had english had no class, it didnt open up until the regional control found out that no one had passed GED in 2 years so the education counselors were in the dog house because they were supposed to be teaching the classes ,but they didn't they had us the inmates teach the classes because they were to lazy they just wanted to sit in their air conditioned office and play on the computer or talk to the other counselors, I eventually got to be in the cafeteria after dinner, this made some of the other inmate jealous , I was being protected by some of the long term inmates who respected the fact that I ran a real class-I was unaware that I was being protected until one day one of them came into the class and told me that he wasn't letting the guys in to play cards or watch TV because it would interfere with the class and then  the class would become like everything else ,no existent. the first day I had class in the cafeteria , I went to get something from my REC counsleor and she asked me how the class in the cafiteria went, I had shut the door out of habit and told her that there were some guys who were courious and came in that someone had made a grilled cheese in the toaster but I kicked him out, and then i went to work,after I left she called the Cafiteia officer in to her office and then on the pa said if anyone went in the caifiteia afterhours she owuld close the trialer ,I came back form work at lunch time and My bunkies stuff was packed up and he told me I had fucked up that I had talked to the guard and that ,he was considering going .as we were talking about it he said that some of the other inmates had told him that I ... in reality nothing happened in prison so there are a bunch of old hens who gossip and talk all day they have nothing to do ecspect make thier minds pry on parinoia , they would gossip and talk about everything , I told him I had no idea that she would threaten to close the trialer ,and he said I shouldnt be tlaking to the guard . so from then on I never closed the door so the guys who listen could hear waht I was talking about, there are guys who watch and listen , and then they tell the old hens they tell them whos cars come into the parking lot, what gaurds are on , what time they leave .everything and some times its right like who is getting out of solitary and some times it wrong , my friend was on the goonds crew, he had something on his balls he was worried so he told the doctor we had a mersa scare so they came and took him at work to go to the hospital, the grounds guys said they took him to solitary by the time he got back form the hostiapl the guys had sold his stuff and someone had taken his bunk. I eventually made it back to the classroom and taught 80 inmates most of them sent home claical drawings of family members home