interstellar and the subtraction of time :FLATLAND

we got the movie "interstellar " mike my friend who was part of the geek squad was very excited ( the geek squad- was my friends we weren't career criminals we didn't bet or play cards or run scams , Dave and I thought mike had been down for a number of years and was white collar but didnt fit in with the lawyers or hedge fund guys ,we all liked sci fi which wasn't exactly a all prison thing,) mike was very excited about "Interstellar" so we were all set up to see it, ( the movie room ,the tv room had 5 TVs in it , you wore your radio/walkman and listened to the TV on the ear phones ,the seats were all assigned by inmates ,movies started at 5pm and then after they were shown there we got it and played it in the classroom the nice thing about the classroom was 1. we didn't have to fight for a seat, 2. you didn't have to listen to the movie on headphones you could experience it with your friends share popcorn ... I would go to the guard on duty ask him if he could open the classroom so the guys without radios and the old guys ( who couldn't fight for a seat) could watch the movie and then I would go back to the class room and wait, as when you asked a guard to do somehting they could be seen just doing it for you , you would have to wait, if they got up and just did what you what you asked them they would lose face with the other guards , so sometimes it would be 15 min sometimes it would be 45 min. you got to know the guards and how much time they would make you wait so you go ask accordingly . once you got the class room open then a runner (who had a chair in the movie room) would bring the movie down, when I was leaving (prison) the class room had become really popular as we got a influx of new guys who hadn't fought for seats so they realized they could sit in the classroom without fighting , but then our seats were in jeopardy uhh so we now had to fight for seats , it was a drag but if you didnt do it  then you didnt watch a movie or eat , or what ever you needed a chair for. we got a white collar guy who was a real dick and it almost came to blows he had taken Dave's seat and mike stood up to him asking him at first to move so Dave who was teaching could sit, we explained that I got the room open and that we had set this up as a side thing and that if he contiuned to yell and fight the guard would close it down , he moved and grumbulled .I told him seats were stupid but he hadnt been here long enough to understand its importance and the weight it held ,that in a year he should think back on this convesation and see if he felt the same way , angry joe (thats what we called him ,becasue he thought he was better than all the other inmates and shouldnt be there) got up and left.

INTERSTELLAR  is 3 hrs long normally we would not be able to see a long movie like that because ,we got the movie at 7pm and lights out was at 10pm and we got shut down at 9:45 -but the general population wanted to watch a game so they gave us the movie at 5pm, GREAT ! this movie is about a father who leaves his daughter on earth knowing that when he comes back she will be his age that he is now because of space time ,so here we are fathers ,husbands leaving our families behind , it was very powerful and hard to watch as they had some fuck up in space and the father got back to earth in time to see his daughter die of old age, FLAT LAND: prison reminded me of edwin abbott's flat land in it the main character a square is going about his business in his 2 dimensional world when he see a dot-a line -a he doesn't know what she turns out to be a sphere,who can come and go from his 2 dimensional world ,we in prison have been subtracted a dimension , we are 2 dimensional characters time goes on without us,we can see it pass-like from a space ship window ,but your like a ghost you can have no effect on the outside world ,you can see it but like light from space by the time you see it it has already passed, the movies we got were all disaster movies or fathers fucking up , who picked these movies ,why were they so cruel . time went by out side life went on outside and like someone watching from edwin abbott's flatland as a 2 dimensional character you don't have 3 dimensions so you had no bearing in the outside world. funerals graduations marriages you saw them all from a distance , I had 2 friends who had their children die and they missed the funerals.(the warden could have granted their attendance ) when the main character in interstellar left earth and got into space human nature was the thing that derailed the project , a astronaut had gotten to a planet that could sustain life, his mission was to report that information and then starve or die so they could continue to look for life on other plants but instead he lied and said it was a paradise tricking them in to picking him up., early on in the 1980s I made a painting astronaut in a sand trap, the astrosunt is back on earth his mission over now has to deal with time and reality ,his knowledge and importance passing his by .