Featherbedding- or working for the BOP

I got to Prison and I was told that I needed to go to A&O before I could get a job, but since they had just had A&O the day I arrived I would have to wait until there were enough new inmates, and to just keep myself busy {A&O ,you meet every dept, mostly SIS which is like internal affairs SIS trumps everyone, if SIS is having an investigation they can close down the building they can investigate guards or counselors so everyone is afraid of them,they come in the building its like the SS has come in , mostly they are interested in telling you the shot series the rules so they can hold it against you, education come in , rec come in ,the phycologist DR brooks comes in ,and then you can work,} but since I didn't have A&O and my unit counselor was going on vacation for 3 weeks I wasn't scheduled to have A&O for 2 months ,keep yourself busy, time is so weird in prison its like being a ghost ,or living in a hole and trying to get messages out by throwing rocks with notes out on the ground. my mentor told me to get a schedule fill it up and then before I knew it it would be time to go to sleep, so I had a firm schedule of exercise meals reading drawing, the other thing that not working made it was easy for me to watch people and see what they were up to ,so I could stay away from them or try and ask them advise, I used this time to get a sense of what happened in our small world, the grounds were a 1/4 mile track and what was a small rec building to a golf course ,it looked like a grade school, there were signs every 100 yards that told you where out of bounds was. before MR P went on vacation he said go see the unit orderly and he will give you a job. I saw him and he said I was to be the weekend orderly for the bathrooms, so I worked sat and sunday at 3,5,8 I was to go in and do like a freshening up of the bathrooms clean the toilets and a quick mop. it was easy, some white collar guys saw work working as beneath them so they would hire other inmates to do their job, some inmates had 4 or 5 other jobs they did, and would make enough to live on , the lawyers were the worst they were used to everyone one listening to them also they would write appeals for unsuspecting inmates charging them $5000 or more, they would have their families pay on the out side and since they never put their names to anything they never got caught but they were the worst con artists. Prison jobs are either important or filler, the prison runs on a few inmates who can fix things make things , and the other jobs are really to keep you busy or embarrass you, the worst jobs were working at the Admin building because there was really nothing to do , so a guard at the front desk would spill a coffee and call you over waiting until you came over and wiped it up , they would have friday parties and have you clean up the break room, if you had everta food or small change on the floor pennies nickels that could get you in hot water with a shot ,so it was easier to stay away as the admin guards took great pleasure in to embarrassing  you and yelling at you.  after 2 months I had decided that I wanted to work in the welding shop, you walked to work, and fixed and made things, I put a cop out in and waited it took 3 months for me to get my job , I didnt want to jostle the hierarchy,so I stayed back and took instruction , after a few weeks my boss asked me to make some thing I passed I wasn't full of shit, I could make things, I was told that I could practice all day on the arc welder as long as I used scrap, I would weld for 8 hours a day .then one day my boss said get the small arc welder and put these things in the truck,your going on a job, we drove out of the prison and down the road it was really weird to be in a car drive down the road see people on the street,it had happened so quickly, me not being used to being outside. we got to the warehouse some guys had driven the truck into the loading dock and smashed it up ,my boss said IM going to visit this is your job and I want to see how you do. the lading dock was made out of 1/4 plate steel it was heavy,my boss went in to talk, when guards are talking which they do all the time you cannot interrupt them if you do , you could get a shot ,go to the SHU get extra work, be told to stand all day,so its better to let them play out, even if it means you stand there for hours. I repared the loading dock, My boss came in one day and he was very serious he said that he was going to offer me a job and I could refuse it if I wanted to ,I was to make cells for other inmates, the prison had a section for the criminally insane they could not be near other people their first reaction was to kill them , so they stayed in solitary all the time -for the rest of their lives , the feds had come up with a program to give them group therapy but they could be near each other , so we were to make therapy cells for them , the specs the DR had given us for the cells were 4'x4'x8' with a door I started to make one I could make a panel a day they were 4 walls and top, and looked very barbarick , they looked like a 19century lions cage with 1" round bar . we made one , and the first one they put a guy in it to see how he did the first one the little door in the front was to open so when you took his cuffs off , he climbed right out, so I had to make it smaller and with a steel door, then they gave them a plastic chair like we have and they broke the legs off and started stabbing at people , before  I went into production the prototype took several months with various changes making it more and more brutish ,in the mean time I made covers for thing the inmates would break into everything so I had to make covers for things so they could monkey around with it , covers for soap dispensers ,covers for oxygen tanks, covers for toilets,out of aluminum stainless steel,I got a lot of practice ,One day my boos had a top secret job, and they locked us up in the back they had been asked to cut up all the old shot guns we could see thru the shop,the guards cutting them up and joking around ,because we had skills ,we weren't bothered most of the time, if you ran into a guard they could ask you to do anyhitng wash their car, pick up garbage stand there , to refuse them was to be in direct violation ,so you could say no unless you wanted to go to the SHU, for the most part because we fixed the powerhouse boiler that made electricity ,heat air conditioning, we were left alone , we had one guard at the powerhouse that mostly treated his inmates like slaves, and the only time we had to deal with him directly was when it snowed ,we all got a shovel and shovled a path aorund the powre house , the power house was 1000 feet long and 100 feet wide it took all day we didnt really have winter clothses so you were outside with . in the cold just getting wet ,I reemember seeing a episode of orange is the new black where the inmates are out in the middle of the night shoveling snow with little shovels and the snow just keeps blowing back on to the path this is what it was like,I was ammused by this. I got to be #1 welder, I got alittle cart and would be sent out on jobs all over the grounds.this made the time go by very quickly, and my boss let me make scuptures out of scrap, I amde 3 schulpres and hung them up on the walls of the shop. I had a little bit of civiliy alittle piece of sanity that I could hold.